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Tests: Rear underbody underrun protection (RUP) on heavy trucks and trailers

Appointed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority as a Technical Service, the DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs not only conducts RUP strength tests but offers services to manufacturers that relate to homologation procedures and also to all approval procedures with the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

From 1 September 2021 onwards, any vehicle that is brought to market must have underrun protection that has passed a safety test which is carried out to the standards laid down in the 03 series of amendments to the UNECE 58 regulation. New type approvals of vehicles or RUP systems must receive approval to 03 amendment series from 1 September 2019.

The new amendment series has significant consequences for the manufacturing of trucks, trailers and RUP devices. The new amendment affects the geometries of the device and requires that the forces applied in the test are nearly doubled. As a result, heavy goods vehicles and trailers (N2, N3, O3, O4) must now comply with significantly stricter regulatory standards.

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