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Testing CCTV camera systems

These modular tests are carried out in two stages

as required by the Federal Ministry of Transport Gazette

Front-mounted attachments or front ends that are longer than 3.5m impair the operator’s field of view. This may lead to a situation in which the operator is unable to see a vehicle crossing a road or junction when visibility is obstructed by hedges, walls or buildings. This can result in serious accidents. Suitable CCTV monitoring systems  can be a good solution here.

The DLG test of CCTV systems is a comprehensive test that is offered to manufacturers of such systems. The test framework for front end mounted cameras ensures the camera complies with legal requirements and the recommendations by the Federal Ministry of Transport Gazette. The test comprises an assessment of the CCTV system itself but also its ease of installation and adaption to the individual machine or front end.

CCTV systems that have passed the DLG test receive the DLG APPROVED Full Test quality seal.


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