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Testing cabs and cabins

On tractors, machines and trucks

The DLG Test Center tests around 200 cabs for operator safety every year. These tests ensure that truck drivers, machine and tractor operators are afforded the best possible protection in the event of an accident. Building on a long-standing international experience and a network of high-profile experts, DLG has established itself as an expert partner in all aspects of cab and operator safety testing – not only for agricultural machines but also beyond. 

Certified to ISO 17025, our test lab is an appointed technical service for testing operator cabs in all relevant aspects. The DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs is the official National Test Institute for testing equipment to the OECD tractor codes.

These tests are conducted to national and international standards. Each test consists of the actual testing, the documentation of all results and photos and the preparation of a report. Upon request, we also take care of all bureaucratic procedures that are required to obtain approval from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority or the OECD liaison office. We can also prepare the type approval test certificate.

Compliance tests

This test examines the level of cab stability in the event of a roll-over crash over-rolling. The roll-over protection structure must retain the integrity of the space for the operator in the event of a single roll-over. This minimum clear space for the operator who is buckled to the seat is defined by various standards depending on the specific type of machine or vehicle:

  • VO (EU) 1322/2014
  • ISO 3471, ISO 8082, ISO 12117-2, ISO 21299
  • OECD Code (3), 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

The FOPS test is a dynamic test that determines the behaviour of the roof and its protective structure when hit by falling objects. The test is carried out to the standard that applies to the specific machine or vehicle and its required safety integrity level.

  • ISO 3449, ISO 6055, ISO 8083, ISO 10262
  • OECD Code 10
  • This test simulates a single tip-over of a compact excavator.

  • ISO 12117-1

In this test a hydraulic cylinder applies a load to the window panes on forestry machines or to the window guards on construction machinery.

  • VO (EU) 1322/2014
  •  ISO 8084
  •  ISO 10262

Seat belt anchorages are tested to standards that apply to the specific machine or vehicle.

  • VO (EU) 1322/2014
  • ISO 6683
  • OECD Code 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • UNECE-R 14

Truck cabs are tested on a bespoke test rig that simulates a frontal crash or roll-over. These tests are carried out dynamically using various pendulums of a size and impact force defined by UNECE-R 29.03. From 30 January 2021 onwards, all trucks (N1, N2 and N3 classes) must comply with the UNECE-R 29.03 standard when brought to market.


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