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State-of-the-art test bench measures output, emissions and consumption

DLG chassis dynamometer

Our chassis dyno ranks among the highest-capacity test stands for tractors and commercial vehicles in the world. This is the test bed for measuring output, emissions and consumption rates. Most measurements are on tractors, but we also put commercial vehicles and trucks to the test here. 

The chassis dynamometer can handle up to 1,000hp tractors, measuring specific fuel and AdBlue consumption. The tractors are tested while stationary on four 2.0m diameter steel rollers that are powered and braked electrically and adjust to give variable 2.05m-6m axle bases. Each roller assembly, consisting of the roller itself, its engine motor and the engine’s motor’s mounting, weighs 35 tonnes – enough weight to provide a stable bed where we can implement axle loads of up to 30 tonnes, that is the equivalent of a 60-tonne tractor. The maximum draft draught load that can be applied to each wheel is 135kN.


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