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DLG-APPROVED for lighting systems

In focus: animal welfare and service life of lamps

Lighting systems – tested in practical use

The range of lamps and light systems available in the animal production sector is highly diversified. However, not all products are suitable for practical use, in which animal welfare conditions and the service life of the light installations are of crucial importance.

The practical tests for the DLG-APPROVED seal of quality for lighting systems are therefore focussed on the aspects of animal welfare, durability and cleaning.

Test criteriaObjectives
Flicker-free lighting systems
  • Does the light modulation frequency meet the requirements of the respective animal?
  • Measurement of the amplitude, wave form, frequency and modulation depth of the flicker (also at various dimming levels of various lamps within a product family).
Animal welfare
Imperceptibly unstable light also places strain on the eye muscles and the nervous system of animals and disturbs the processing of sensory stimuli in the brain. Such stress factors can also trigger behavioural disorders.
Resistance to ammonia
Simulated practical operation of approx. 10 years under animal house conditions. The test samples are exposed to controlled conditions for 1,500 hours in a climatic test cabinet:
  • Temperatures up to 70°C
  • Relative humidity up to 70%
  • Ammonia concentration up to 750 ppm

During this process, the test samples are switched on and off in a sensible rhythm.

The light systems must withstand the special conditions of ammonia laden stable air.
Cleaning resistance
No damage or water ingress when sprayed using high-pressure cleaners:
  • Spraying of critical functional areas
  • Reduction of the distance between the water nozzle and the surface of the test sample in stages with a constant exposure duration.
  • Material compatibility test with cleaning agents and disinfectants
The light systems must withstand the regular use of high-pressure cleaners with partial exposure and sometimes aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants.

DLG-APPROVED: modular test set-up

Depending on the scope of the test, the DLG-APPROVED test mark is awarded for value-determining individual criteria or for a full test. The test mark is valid for five years as of the date on which it is awarded. The DLG-APPROVED test mark and the respective DLG test report provide you with an authoritative expert assessment and a powerful tool for your marketing mix. 80% of farmers regard test marks as relevant decision-making aids for investments. This is also combined with an extensive range of cross-media services to ensure your success amongst sales partners and customers.

Legislative and normative requirements

The German Animal Protection – Keeping of Production Animals regulation stipulates that sufficient lighting must be available to enable the monitoring and inspection of the animals at all times. The daily lighting intensity and lighting duration must correspond to the requirements of the respective species. Since the stable is also used as a workplace for humans, the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR 3.4) from the German Workplace Regulations also apply.



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