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Field equipment: Tests and services


In this department area/section area we test tillage equipment, seeders and planters, fertilisers and spreaders, forage equipment and harvesters as well as irrigation systems. All equipment is tested to international standards and regulations as well as to DLG-developed standards. Our modern, knowledge-based and practice-driven test and measuring methods are developed by our engineers. The DLG-APPROVED quality seal stands for impartially and independently corroborated product quality.

In addition to carrying out tests to DLG standards and approval tests to specific standards and regulations, the DLG Test Center also offers a wide range of services in the field of quality assessment or to customer-specific R&D requirements.

Our expertise

  • Functionality
  • Quality of work
  • Ease of operation usability operation
  • Service & maintenance
  • Area output and throughput
  • Noise level measurements at operator’s ear
  • Pass-by noise of vehicles
  • Noise emission levels by outdoor tools and machines (Outdoor Directive)

Audits, processes & systems

  • Climate and temperature change tests
  • Media resistance
  • Corrosion
  • Weathering, aging
  • Strength tests and working durability tests
  • Tractor-mounted and trailed machines
  • Self-propelled machines
  • Agricultural machines and implements
  • Agricultural trailers
  • Trailed implements
  • Systems, separate technical units and components
  • Sensors and IT applications
  • Electrical safety
  • Power requirement
  • Pto PTO  ower take-off (PTO) input 
  • Fuel und AdBlue consumption
  • Exhaust gas measurements using PEMS (Portable Emission Measuring System)


Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh  • Tel.: +49(0)69 / 24 788-620 •
Georg Schuchmann • Tel.: +49(0)69 / 24 788-627 •