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DLG quality mark for udder hygiene products

A well cared for udder gives more milk

Well cared for udder skin is easier to clean and is less sensitive to mechanical stresses during milking than skin that is not properly looked after. Mastitis pathogens find it harder to adhere to clean, well cared for skin. 

The DLG quality mark for udder hygiene products is awarded to products that are grouped in the following categories:

  • Milk fats and milk emulsions
  • Teat dips (including medicinal products)
  • Teat cleaners
  • SCC tests

Udder hygiene products

Udder hygiene products with the DLG quality mark have been tested for the following properties: 

  • Provision of effective provide effective skin care
  • Stopping spread of do not spread mastitis pathogens
  • Avoiding the presence of antibiotics do not give rise to inhibitors in the milk
  • Leading to contain no undesirable substances in milk

SCC tests

SCC tests must conform to routine milk quality testing methods


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