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DLG quality mark for silage additives

Better fermentation and a healthier silage

Avoiding losses due to poor quality is a key objective in silage making. This begins on the forage harvester and in the maize field or grassland. The forage should give high and profitable milk yields or efficient gas production levels in the digester.

We test silage additives by various parameters:

  • Efficacy of silage fermentation of the silage crop
  • Storability in aerobic conditions
  • Silage intake value
  • Digestibility of the silage
  • Meat yielding value of the silage
  • Milk yielding value of the silage
  • Suppression of clostridium
  • Methane yield levels in digesters

    Silage additives that bear the DLG quality mark have demonstrated their efficacy in multiple tests where treated silage is compared with similar but untreated forage. The efficacy of the additive is verified annually.

    You can order the complete testing guidelines by sending an email to
    Should you apply for and receive the DLG quality seal for an ensiling agent, this amount will be credited to you. You will receive the testing guidelines and the invoice by email to your sending email address.


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