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DLG quality mark for lime fertilizers

High efficacy for better efficiency

Successful farmers must safeguard the long-term potential of their soils. A good supply of nutrients and organic matter and an optimal soil structure are essential for a fertile soil. Lime fertiliser plays a key role as a soil improver and source of nutrients. 

Lime fertilizer

  • Is a source of Ca and Mg
  • Neutralises acids
  • Creates the right pH value
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Promotes soil life
  • Stabilises the soil structure
  • Optimises soil condition and structure

Lime fertilizers are marketed by many manufacturers 

But the effect of a lime fertilizer on the soil is down to the quality of its nutrients.  

The DLG quality seal gives peace of mind, because it proves the product has been tested in internal and external tests. A product that bears this quality seal was is tested for compliancy with the parameters claimed on the package.

  • The basic test verifies whether the product complies with legal requirements
  • The premium test awards denotes those lime fertilizers that exceed the average qualities.


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