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DLG quality mark for compound feeds

High yields and good animal health

High performance and good animal health can only be achieved with high-quality, appropriate and safe feedstuffs. Livestock farmers need assurance that the products they use are indeed of the quality claimed by the manufacturer. They are not able to verify whether the products comply to ever more complex standards – or at best, only at high cost. Compound feeds that bear the DLG quality mark are manufactured to independent specifications – the DLG standards – and are subjected to quality and safety checks on an ongoing basis. 

High reliability throughout the year

Depending on the type of feed, the following parameters are checked routinely:  

  • Energy
  • Crude protein, crude fat
  • Amino acids
  • Calcium, phosphorus
  • Copper, zinc

Other desirable and undesirable substances are analysed for in random sample testings.


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