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DLG quality seal for bedding powders

Hygienic, non-slip and skin-friendly

As livestock herds grow and animal performance increases, so do the demands made on heard herd management. Farm animals can only yield maximum potential if they are kept in conditions that meet their needs and if precautions against disease are adhered to.

Livestock farmers therefore have to ensure that animals are correctly fed, that the design and layout of the house is conducive to animal welfare and that the environment in which animals are kept is hygienic. To do that, they can choose between numerous liquid disinfectants and bedding powders for which manufacturers advertise different properties. For example, some powders are advertised for as offering excellent moisture absorption and superior slip resistance.  A high liquid absorbing capacity ensures dry bedding surfaces and discourages the spread of germs. Non-slip floors are important for sure footing and prevention of injury.

Users of such products also need assurance that the composition and ingredients of such powders will neither harm the animals nor irritate their skin.


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