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Farm inputs and consumables: Tests and services

Agriculture & Food

This department area/section tests products that are used in a large variety of different applications. The products tested range from fertiliser lime to disinfectants and food processing materials auxiliaries.

Our modern, knowledge-based and practice-driven test and measuring methods are developed by our engineers. The DLG quality seals stand for impartially and independently corroborated product quality.

The tests of farm inputs and consumables look into the quality of a product and in some cases also its production process. All inputs that bear a DLG quality seal or certification are subject to continuous auditing. Such audits are carried out at least once a year and ensure the quality of the product is maintained. It is this what that sets the DLG quality seals apart from many other quality seals and this is highly appreciated by consumers and users.

The DLG Test Center not only carries out tests to DLG standards and approval tests to specific standards and regulations, it also offers a wide range of services in the field of quality assessment or to customer-specific R&D requirements.

The areas for which we offer our practice-driven tests are listed below:

Food industry

  • Effects of disinfectants and detergents on surfaces and equipment
  • Material compatibility of detergents and disinfectants
  • The impact of disinfectants on food processing agents processing materials
  • Testing of residues  for food processing materials
  • Material resistance of utensils
  • Chemical and physical tests of food packaging


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