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The DLG network of homologation experts

Homologation tests and inspections International expertise and service

Our network of experts supports you in all matters of homologation:

  • Labs with bespoke facilities provide the specific technology for the specific field of homologation
  • Test engineers who draw on an international network and experience
  • State-of-the-art test rigs and measuring technology
  • Expert customer support throughout the entire homologation process:
    • Initial assessment of the product by the type approval authority. This initial assessment is a requirement to enter the homologation process.
    • Preparation of all documentation the manufacturer must to supply (the product description folder)
    • Testing and appraising vehicles and vehicle parts in compliance with
      • EU regulations and directives
      • UN/ECE regulations
      • German road traffic regulations

Our test services

We also test and audit the following equipment according to the harmonised European regulation 167/2013:

  • Agricultural tractors (class T)
  • Agricultural trailers (class R)
  • Trailed implements (class S)

We test systems, components and separate technical units for the following vehicles:

  • Two-, three- or four-wheel vehicles (class L)
  • Motor vehicles and trailers (class M, N, O)

In addition to carrying out tests for compliance with harmonised EU regulations, we support you in seeking type approval for self-propelled machines in compliance with German legislations legislation, for example for vehicles that fall under Article 20 of the German road traffic regulations. We also support you in preparing sample reports for appraisals of individual vehicles to Article 21 of German road traffic regulations.

Test lab: DLG-TestService GmbH, Groß-Umstadt

Our homologation services for mechanical connections cover the following components:

  • Hitch balls
  • Headstocks
  • Pin hitches
  • Hitch systems
  • Drawbars
  • Hitch rings
  • Fifth wheel hitches
  • Kingpins

Our partner lab Brunel Car Synergies is a system service provider who offers its customers a service package that comprises consultation, development and testing. Its test lab is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and has about 100 test rigs.

Test lab: Brunel Car Synergies GmbH, Bochum,

We offer homologation services for following lighting systems and components:

    • Headlights (high beam and low beam)
    • Fog lights
    • Light sources and bulbs
    • Rear lights
    • Warning panels
    • Reflector strips
    • Rear fog lights
    • Contour, position, rear, brake and side lights
    • Daytime running lights
    • Turn indicators
    • Reverse lights
    • Parking lights
    • Number plate lights
    • Beacon lights
    • Bicycle lights
    • CCTV camera systems
    • Approximate conformance testing of imported vehicles

    Our partner PHOTOMETRIK GmbH is a leading provider of test services for light systems. The test lab uses state-of-the-art test rigs that measure photo- and colorimetric characteristics. These tests include the LMT GO-H 1660 Goniophoto meter which is able to conduct all relevant tests on automotive lighting systems.

    Test lab: PHOTOMETRIK GmbH, Eppertshausen,

    Passive safety services are provided for the following components:

      • Seat belt anchorages and ISOFIX anchorages
      • Seat firmness and anchorages
      • Head rests
      • Wheel chair anchorages and wheel chair user restraint systems
      • Child Children restraint systems
      • Falling object protective structures (FOPS)
      • Roll-over protective structures (ROPS)
      • Seat vibrations
      • Truck cabs
      • Front and rear underrun underbody protection
      • Side guards
      • Rescue vehicle equipment
      • Dynamic cargo restraint testing
      • Crash tests with roof boxes/racks

      Our passive safety tests take place at the DLG Test Center in Groß-Umstadt and at our partner lab of Walter & Weißgerber engineers in Trier. For more than twenty years, this lab has been conducting a wide range of static and dynamic tests as well as sled tests both to customer requirements and to homologation standards.

      Test lab: Ingenieurbüro Walter & Weißgerber,


      DLG TestService GmbH - Groß-Umstadt location • Max-Eyth-Weg 1 64823 Groß-Umstadt Germany • Tel.: +49(0)69 24 788-611 •