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Information for manufacturers

The DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs commands a leading position in testing and certifying equipment, inputs and consumables for the agricultural industry. Every year, our experts test a large number of farm machines and products, inputs and consumables that are used in agriculture and the food industry. We also test commercial vehicles and automotive components. 

We do more than conduct tests according to our special DLG standards. We also offer you as a manufacturer extensive testing services that form part of approval tests. These tests are carried out to national and international standards and regulations, or to meet the requirements of individual quality assessment schemes, or customer-specific R&D requirements. Be recognised for high quality by your customers. Make our testing  expertise and well-known quality awards work for you.

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Our expertise

  • Usability tests
  • Audits, processes & systems, certification
  • Inspections, samplings
  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Material testing & environmental simulation
  • Machine safety and reliability
  • Homologation: type approval tests of vehicles and vehicle parts
  • Electronics, sensors and IT applications
  • Output, energy efficiency, fuel consumption 
  • Strength and working durability tests
  • Noise level measurements
  • Emissions in the agricultural industry
  • Livestock farming equipment
  • Farm inputs and consumables
  • Livestock ID tags

Test range

Tractors, machines and utility vehicles

Tractors, farm equipment, commercial vehicles, components

Field equipment

Arable and forage equipment

Farm buildings and equipment

Livestock farming and farmyard equipment