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DLG-Tested Farm Inputs

Positive lists of all tested products, which have been awarded a DLG Quality Seal and are regularly checked.

In the field of farm inputs and consumables, at the DLG Test Center a numerous products from a wide variety of applications are tested – from lime fertilizer to disinfectants or fuel additives.

The DLG Quality Seal stands for neutrally tested and independently confirmed product quality. All farm inputs awarded by the DLG are subject to continuous control. Constant product quality is ensured by means of repeated product tests or audits of the manufacturer that take place at least once a year. This distinguishes the DLG awards from many other test labels and is of particular importance for the end customer.

In the following, we have put together various positive lists of farm inputs, sorted by product groups, that have been checked and awarded by a DLG Quality Seal – for your right investment decision.

Means of identifikation of animals

DLG certified means of identifikation comply with the requirements of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/520 or 2021/693.

Oils, fuels and additives

DLG-tested oils, fuels and additives can improve fuel efficiency, clean the engine or prevent the build-up of dirt.DLG-geprüfte Öle, Kraftstoffe und Additive können die Kraftstoffeffizienz verbessern, den Motor reinigen oder die Ablagerung von Verschmutzungen verhindern.

Lime fertilizers

DLG-tested lime fertilizers have a key function as soil and nutrient fertilizers. They help stabilizing an optimal soil structure and thus ensure that the crop is optimally supplied with nutrients and organic matter.

Growing media and potting soil

When it comes to the gardener's growing medium, the quality has a decisive influence on the success of growth and yield. In contrast to a farmer, the gardener can choose his soil. This is where DLG-tested potting soils come into play.

Ensiling agents and preservatives

DLG-tested silage additives and preservatives must have proven their effectiveness in several tests against the same but untreated silage or feed. In this way, they ensure high and profitable performance from roughage or efficient methane generation in the biogas plant.

Positive lists

Silage additives


Detergents and disinfectants for milk production

Milk is a sensitive food, so all surfaces that come into contact with milk must be absolutely clean. DLG-tested cleaning agents and disinfectants manage the balancing act between optimal cleaning results while at the same time protecting the material and avoiding residues.

Udder hygiene products

DLG-tested udder hygiene products must have a good skin care effect and must neither spread mastitis pathogens nor cause inhibitors in milk or even contain undesirable substances.

Positive lists

milking fats/milking emulsions

teat dips

Hoof care and hygiene products

Lameness is one of the most common causes of loss due to illness and around half of the hoof diseases occurring in cattle farming are caused by germs. This is where hoof care and hygiene products with the DLG seal of quality can help.

Stable disinfectants

Stable disinfectants with the DLG Quality Seal offer more than just effectiveness. They ensure the efficient implementation of disinfection measures. The annual product inspection guarantees best-possible quality over the long term.

Hygiene products for the food industry

The DLG tests of disinfectants, cleaning agents and food additives focus on the disinfecting effect, material compatibility and absence of residues.


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