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Videos: Insights into the testing work

The service portfolio of the DLG Test Center Technology and Operating Resources includes tests according to DLG standards from A for audit to Z for certification, numerous other services in the context of product and process certification as well as total quality management and approval-relevant tests according to various national and international standards and regulations.

Here you can get a filmic insight into the quality work of the DLG test engineers.

DLG PowerMix

In the DLG-PowerMix, the performance, efficiency and fuel consumption of tractors are literally put to the test, because the roller dynamometer of the DLG test center, specially developed and built for these measurements, is the largest of its kind in the

Shell Fuels and Lubricants – Better Performance, less Consumption

Fuels and lubricants are the lifeblood of your machinery. In order to make the most out of today's valuable agricultural high-tech machinery in terms of performance and service life, but also in terms of consumption and total cost of ownership, the right choice of consumables is paramount.

Scharmüller emergency release system

Attaching a press via the K80 coupling offers many advantages. However, it becomes problematic in the event of a fire, because it is only possible to unhitch if the driver is between the tractor and the burning press. With the Scharmüller emergency releas

Claas Variant 400

In this video – here in the case of the Claas Variant 400 round baler – the manufacturer has recorded how a test project is proceeding, at the end of which a DLG-APPROVED mark is awarded.


Since more than ten years, the GRASSMEN, an Ireland-based video-blogging team fixed into ag tech videos. They were invited over to Germany by Profi and DLG to see how they test machinery - firstly using the 'old' and familiar methods including the well-known truck, and a look into the future as we got to see the first ever rolling road built specifically for tractor and machinery testing.