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Accreditations and Appointments

The DLG TestService GmbH is accredited and appointed to carry out comprehensive tests and certifications.

DLG TestService GmbH

Technical Service for vehicle type testing, appointed by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority

Test Institute for OECD Tractor Codes 

Product Certification Center, accredited by DAkkS to ISO 17065

Test Lab, accredited by DAkkS to ISO 17025

ISOBUS Test Lab for AEF certifications

Official Austrian test institute on animal welfare and protection (livestock farming and pets)

Test Lab for animal identification systems for ICAR certification

Programmes that relate to DLG-approved products

Maatlat Duursame Veehouderij – Netherlands

Particularly Animal-friendly Stabling Systems (PAS) - Switzerland


This is a joint organisation of DLG TestService GmbH and KWF e.V.

  • GS Test Institute, appointed by the federal centre for security technology
  • Notified Body of the EU for testing equipment to the Machine Regulation, Outdoor Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Personal Protective Equipment Directive