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Indoor operations

The “Indoor operations” test area covers all technical testing and certification services around the farmyard. This includes tests in the field of animal housing systems, such as building and ventilation technology, keeping and feeding facilities, as well as milking technology. Tests of measures to reduce emissions in and from animal houses are also part of this specialist field. A further test area is devoted to decentralized energy supply, grain drying and grain moisture measurement.

Focus on animal welfare

An important principle for tests in the area of animal husbandry technology is to make the animal welfare requirements demanded by the Animal Welfare Act measurable. Indicators from the fields of ethology and animal health as well as physiological and performance, condition and hygiene parameters are used for this purpose. The relevant indicators are established by the Test Commissions in consultation with the DLG Expert Committee on Animal Welfare. Another feature of the tests is use on farms in order to make the effect on animals in practical use measurable and assessable.

Download catalogue of test stations

A listing of all the test capabilities within the testing field of indoor operations will be provided for download shortly. Until publication please contact the given person in charge.

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