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Field operations



The spectrum of DLG tests in the area of field operations ranges from seedbed preparation to harvesting. DLG engineers test almost all machines along the cultivation chain in arable farming and grassland operations – soil-working machinery, seed drills, mineral and universal fertilizer spreaders, slurry spreaders, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, mowers, hay and silage technology as well as balers.

Download catalogue of test stations

A listing of all the test capabilities within the testing field of field operations will be provided for download shortly. Until publication please contact the given person in charge.

Among the key areas defined by the DLG Test Commissions are criteria such as work quality, working rates, handling, fuel and tractive force requirements, as well as maintenance and safety, which can be adapted in modular fashion to the respective test. The tests are supplemented by an intensive practical on-farm test and evaluation by experienced practitioners.

DLG-APPROVED in single criteria

Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh

Tel.: +49(0)69/24 788-620

working areas:
plant production technology in general,
fertilizing and irrigating technology

Georg Schuchmann

Tel.: +49(0)69/24 788-627

working areas:
cultivation technology, drilling and sowing technology