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Farm inputs

DLG tests farm inputs based on the high DLG standards and awards the DLG quality label and the DLG seal of approval to products that pass the tests. Among the tested products are

  • compound feeds (feed concentrate and mineral feed)
  • udder hygiene products
  • cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • silage additives
  • animal housing disinfectants
  • fertilizer lime
  • hoof care and hygiene products
  • scattering powders for animal housing
  • fuel additives and lubricants
  • potting soils

The DLG farm input tests include product and partially also process certification. All DLG rated farm inputs are subject to continuous monitoring. Consistent product quality is ensured through repeat tests and/or audits of the manufacturing plant at least once a year.

The voluntary DLG tests for farm inputs include product and also partially process certification. If the certification is passed, certification marks are awarded in the range of DLG’s scope of accreditation.
The test criteria as well as the test methods are determined in advance by the relevant DLG specialist commissions.

First of all this includes compliance with all relevant legal requirements. The other essential test criteria are elaborated on the basis of an objective purpose. Roughly they are based on the specific function of the product as well as the requirements of users, animals and the (operational) environment.

Since the products tested are consumables, a continuous monitoring of both products and processes are necessary to ensure the proverbial “DLG test mark quality”. To this end, the products are sampled and inspected at least once a year, and the manufacturer is audited as required. This annual revision check is intended to ensure a consistent product quality in dialogue with the manufacturer.

Manufacturers and farmers benefit from a neutral check whether the test object meets the requirements. You can create comparability with competitive products and get a market overview.

Download catalogue of tests

A listing of all the test capabilities within the testing field of farm inputs will be provided for download shortly. Until publication please contact the given person in charge.

Dr. Michael Eise

Tel.: +49(0)69/24 788-630

working areas:
farm inputs in general,
cleaning, hygiene and desinfecting agents, pet food, ensiling agents, DLG award for milk quality (ribbon of the milk elite)