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DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs: Your Contact

Phone number +49(0)69/24 788-(600), for direct dialing see table below.

Management, Sales and Administration

General Manager Stefano Mastrogiovanni -610 s.mastrogiovanni(at)DLG.org
Assistance to the General Manager Marion Poth -611 m.poth(at)DLG.org
Communications and PR Dr. Frank Volz -224 f.volz(at)DLG.org
Marketing Katrin Winterhalter -207 k.winterhalter(at)DLG.org
Quality Management Isolde Matt -621 i.matt(at)DLG.org

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Farm Inputs

Farm Inputs in General, Cleaning, Hygiene and Desinfecting Agents, Ensiling Agents, DLG award for milk quality (ribbon of the milk elite) Dr. Michael Eise -630 m.eise(at)DLG.org
Compound Feed, Association Feed Test Sander Schwick -677 s.schwick(at)DLG.org
Foils, Nets, Litter Powders, Solid Biofuels Dr. Harald Reubold -633 h.reubold(at)DLG.org
Lime Fertilitzers, Potting Soils, Fertilizers, Seeds

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Vehicle Technology

Vehicle Technology in General, Traktors Andreas Ai -640 a.ai(at)DLG.org
Cabins, Components, Construction Machines Thilo Keunecke -644 t.keunecke(at)DLG.org
Elektronics, Steering Systems, ISOBUS Jürgen Goldmann -674 j.goldmann(at)DLG.org

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Crop Farming Technology

Crop Farming Technology in General, Fertilizing Technology, Harvesting Technology, Irrigation Technology, Pasture Land Technology Dr. Ulrich Rubenschuh -620 u.rubenschuh(at)DLG.org
Cultivation Technology, Sowing Technology, Drilling Technology Georg Schuchmann -627 g.schuchmann(at)DLG.org

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Indoor Operations

Animal Husbandry Technology in General, Animal Identification, Milking Technology, Pig and Poultry Husbandry Technology, Horses Husbandry Technology Susanne Gaeckler -638 s.gaeckler(at)DLG.org
Cattle Husbandry Technology Dr. Harald Reubold -633 h.reubold(at)DLG.org
Solar Technology, Drying Technology, Grain Moisture Meters, Exhaust Air Decontamination Systems, Biogas Plants and Components, Recuperators, Ventilation Engineering Tommy Pfeifer -649 t.pfeifer(at)DLG.org
Exhaust Air Decontamination Systems, Emission reducing actions Dr. Volker Siemers TBA v.siemers(at)DLG.org

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Forest, Municipal and Gardening Technology

Forest, Municipal and Gardening Technology N.N. -610

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Measurement and Test Engineering

Measurement and Test Engineering Juergen Katzameyer -650 j.katzameyer(at)DLG.org

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VERA-Secretariat (Verification of Environmental Technologies for Agricultural Production)

Head of VERA-Secretariat Iris Beckert -639 i.beckert(at)DLG.org
Assistant Sabine Fornoff -689 s.fornoff(at)DLG.org

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