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Livestock management

Cow Brushs

Mini Swinging Brush MSB

for calves and goats


The tested DeLaval mini swinging brush MSB fulfilled the requirements of the test framework with regards to the tested criteria.

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Report Size Machine Type Manufacturer/ Tested
Nr. MB   Dealer in
6236F_e 0,25 mini swinging brush MSB for calves and goats (Focus: Energy consumption, shutdown force) DeLaval


5939_e 0,25 Swinging Cow Brush SCB DeLaval


Gestation detection unit

Automatic milking system

Automatic Dipping and Flushing System ADF5

DLG-APPROVED: Hygiene, Chemical Usage, Operation and Servicing

The handling of the system and the servicing provided by the manufacturer were regarded throughout by the system users as positive, with only the liner change seen as relatively more complex.

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