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Start-up pitches

Innovation Stage: Tuesday, 19.03.2024, 2.55 p.m.-4.15 p.m.

One stage - many start-ups, motivated junior staff and researchers. With this year's start-up pitches, the Innovation Stage offers the future area of the sector.  

All under the motto "Science & Pioneering", start-ups of the sector present their recent innovations and want to help shape the future. A "place-to-be" for all start-ups, curious investors and interested parties who want to be part of the development and revolutionized solutions. 


Welcome and moderation 

Cecilia Wolluschek, EATEX Food Innovation HUB Spain, Navarra, Spain 

How to solve stops at-line (fast) 

Markus Windisch, Peerox GmbH, Dresden, Germany 

MontBlancAI - The Digital Powerhouse for Smart Factories 

Markus Guerster, CEO, MontBlancAI, Washington, USA 

Next Level Analysis – The 3-Minute Bacteria Test 

Dr. Henriette Maaß, CFO, NanoStruct GmbH, Würzburg, Germany 

encentive - Reduce energy costs with AI 

Torge Lahrsen, Founder and CEO, encentive GmbH, Neumünster, Germany 

Stop repeating mistakes in teams with TextAI 

Leonard Lin, Founder, Peoplegeist/Freshmarket GmbH, Lausanne, Switzerland 

Funding as a key to innovation and growth 

Lukas Trunck, EurA AG, Hamburg, Germany 

Trajectory mixing – mixing with system 

Gerdfried Steimkamp, hs-tumbler GmbH, Quakenbrück, Germany 

DNA 4 Olive Oil traceability 

Dr. Stelios Arhondakis,BioCoS, Crete, Greece 

In-house developed biosensors for best-in-class sugar testing 

Elisabeth Halbmayr-Jech, DirectSens GmbH, Klosterneuburg, Austria 

Automate your food process with AI 

Jonathan Kesteloot, Captic, Gent, Belgium 

Make Scaling your Industrial AI a walk in the park 

Filip Popov, Wizata SA, Capellen, Luxembourg 

AI demand forecast 

Eric Weisz, Circly GmbH, St.Pölten, Österreich 

Summary and closing 

Cecilia Wolluschek, EATEX Food Innovation HUB Spain, Navarra, Spain