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Science Slam: Digitalisation, robotics and automation

Main Stage: Tuesday, 19.03.2024

Digitalisation, robotics, automation. Three topics that are closely linked and play an increasingly important role in the food industry. What is the status quo of the food industry? What challenges are currently being worked on? What are the ideas and concepts of an automated, connected and efficient food production? What will the production of the future look like? Be inspired by current research topics from science.

1.20-2.20Welcome and moderation
Karsten Beyer, Branch Manager, SimPlan AG, Dresden, Germany
 How (not) to screw up your shop floor knowledge management
Markus Windisch, CTO, Peerox GmbH, Dresden, Germany
Emmanuel Lwele, Doctoral Researcher, Shaffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
 Application of AI in Food Industry: Pros and Cons
Necla Demir Harman Ph.D., Professor Food Science & Nutrition, California State University Long Beach, California, United States of America
Mario Mayer, Innovation Manager, spicetech GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Karsten Beyer, Branch Manager, SimPlan AG, Dresden, Germany