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Deep Dive: Securing the global supply of raw materials

Main Stage: Thursday, 21.03.2024

A global network is necessary for optimal raw material procurement. Supply bottlenecks must not be allowed to occur in everyday work, and if they do, they must be solved quickly. But how can new and trustworthy suppliers be found quickly on the other side of the world? How can the latest information technology and digital transformation help ensure the supply of food? And how does this comply with company values, legislation and consumer demands? Learn more about securing global raw material procurement, monitoring and compliance at the Main Stage session.

10.50-11.35  Welcome and moderation  
Dr. Helmut Steinkamp, Head of Institute , Institute for Food Quality, LUFA Nord-West, Oldenburg, Germany
 Space2Agriculture – Space for sustainable agriculture and transparent supply chains
Pia Thauer, Technical Officer for Innovation and New Markets, German Space Agency in the DLR, Bonn, Germany
 Specific raw materials for specific requirements of the food industry
Peter Joneck, senior project manager, BayWa AG, Munic, Germany AND
Jasmin Dold, Senior Project Manager New Protein Solutions, BayWa AG, Munic, Germany
 Summary and closing 
Dr. Helmut Steinkamp, Head of Institute, Institute for Food Quality, LUFA Nord-West, Oldenburg, Germany