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The DLG-Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs – situated in Gross-Umstadt just outside Frankfurt for nearly 50 years now – sets the standard for tested agricultural machinery and equipment and farm inputs and is the leading testing and certification service provider for independent and impartial technology tests in the agricultural sector. Using the latest in modern measuring instrumentation and equipment and practice-driven testing methods, the DLG test engineers put product developments and innovations to the test. The measurements are in line with international standards and norms as well as test procedures developed in-house and based on practical requirements.

With its recognized technology tests and DLG Test Reports, the DLG-Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs, as an EU-notified test laboratory accredited nationally and internationally, offers farmers and practitioners important information and decision-making aids for planning investment in agricultural machinery and equipment and farm inputs.

New from 2016 on: DLG APPROVED - Confirmed quality now easier to spot DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs simplifies its structure of quality marks

DLG APPROVED full test

DLG APPROVED, DLG’s new quality mark

DLG APPROVED in single criteria

Single value-determining criteria tested can be easily recognized on the flag of the quality mark

DLG APPROVED - DLG PowerMix test

The present label for a DLG PowerMix test remains as special variety.

DLG APPROVED for farm inputs / product

For DLG-approved farm inputs, annual re-tests are decisive for a constant high product quality

DLG APPROVED for farm inputs / process and product

For DLG-approved farm inputs, annual re-tests are decisive for a constant high production process and product quality

The quality marks awarded by German Agricultural Society’s (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, DLG) Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs stand in the market for highest product quality that has been proven independently and impartially. This has also been reinforced in a recent survey amongst users in practice. Nevertheless the farmers that participated in the survey by the majority pointed out, that a reduction of the great number of issued quality marks would be reasonable. The participants stated the wish to make confirmed quality easier to spot as the main reason for the reduction. Thus DLG’s Test Center replaces the existing quality marks by “DLG APPROVED” at the turn of the year.

“We hope to gain the quality mark’s recognitions value by a more simple structure of test labels. Consequently we should be able to exploit DLG’s brand potential even better, because the more coherent a brand’s appearance, the stronger its performance will be”, summarized Hubertus Paetow, chairman of DLG’s Test Center the reasons for the change. He added: “A higher recognitions value raises the worth of a quality mark and subsequently also the worth of the awarded product. Needless to say, that previously published test reports and awarded quality labels remain valid, but manufacturers can switch labels immediately, if desired.”

Five varieties possible in total
The quality mark’s new and modern design relies on a high information density for practioners and conveys DLG’s reliable examinations statements in two main elements. The first element shows a gold medal with the lettering “DLG APPROVED” and DLG’s website address, in the case of agricultural engineering products or machinery in addition the awarding year is specified. Furthermore, a lateral flag carries supplementary information on the product, scope of the test and in particular the number of the correspondent test report. By using this number, detailed test results can be obtained easily from DLG’s website by just a few mouse-clicks.

In total five varieties for the new quality mark were fixed:

  • A “DLG APPROVED” full test for a specific agricultural engineering products or machinery replaces the present DLG SignumTest. Thus a fully DLG-approved product or machine successfully passed DLG’s comprehensive utility value test based on independent an recognized assessment criteria.
  • “DLG APPROVED” for single, value-determining criteria stands for a smaller-scope usability test for product differentiation and special highlighting of machinery or technical products. This variation replaces the present DLG FokusTest as well as the special quality labels for ISOBUS and ISOagriNET conformity. The present label for a DLG PowerMix test on specific fuel consumption of tractors, which due to the tractor’s special status on the farm is of particular importance for many practioners, remains as special variety.
  • “DLG APPROVED” for farm inputs will be initially awarded to new groups of products and replaces the present DLG Quality Sign in those product groups. The two possible variants distinguish between a product test and a certification of both the manufacturing process and the product quality.

Topicality at a glance
Any DLG approval in the field of agricultural engineering products or machinery runtime limitation of five years applies. If product manufacturing is continued without changes, the manufacturer can apply for a run-time limit extension of another five years at a time. In the case of farm inputs tests the obligations for a neutral long-term product quality monitoring remain as is. To this, trained samplers annually collect unannounced specimen at the plant, in trade or on farms to be further analyzed by the DLG experts.

The DLG quality labels and seals of approval for farm inputs and pet foods

DLG-Gütezeichen für Betriebsmittel
DLG-Gütezeichen für Betriebsmittel
DLG-Qualitätssiegel für Heimtierfutter

DLG tests farm inputs such as compound feeds, ensiling agents, cleaning agents, disinfectants, udder hygiene agents, animal housing disinfectants and lime fertilizers. DLG quality labels are issued to products that have passed stringent tests on the basis of the high DLG standards. The quality specifications are oriented to the requirements drawn from practice and are in line with the latest scientific findings.

Building on the basis of more than 50 years of expertise in testing feedstuffs for farm animals, since 2011 the DLG Test Center has also been conducting quality tests for pet foods such as dog foods and cat foods as well as other feed products for pets on the basis of standardized procedures.

The DLG test labels for technical products used in agriculture

The SignumTest is DLG’s comprehensive utility value test for agricultural machinery and equipment products. The DLG-SignumTest comprises technical tests on test rigs as well as testing under a range of operating conditions and it additionally evaluates how the test candidate performs during practical testing on the farm. The respective independent test commissions specify the precise test conditions and procedures as well as the evaluation of the test results in corresponding test frameworks. The tests are conducted using methods that allow the most objective possible assessment on the basis of largely reproducible measurements. The methods are continuously adapted to the recognized rules of the art as well as to scientific and agricultural findings and requirements.

The FokusTest is a utility value test conducted by DLG for product differentiation and special highlighting of innovations in machinery and technical products used predominantly in agriculture and forestry, in vegetable, fruit  and wine growing, as well as in landscape care and municipal applications. In this test the focus is on testing individual quality criteria of a product, such as e.g. durability, performance or quality of work. The scope of the test can include criteria from the SignumTest framework, DLG’s comprehensive utility value test for technical products, and closes with publication of a test report and award of the test label.

The standardized BUS systems for field and farmyard operations, ISOBUS and ISOagriNET, allow cross-manufacturer data transfer between tractors and mounted implements in agricultural machinery and equipment as well as data transfer between individual systems extending as far as cross-system documentation in machinery and equipment for animal husbandry. DLG co-developed these international test standards and the test close with DLG certification of ISOBUS-conformity and ISOagriNET-conformity.

Further test labels in the world of agriculture

Dairies award the DLG Band der Milch-Elite to farmers who have achieved outstanding performance in milk production.


In cooperation with the Technical University Munich and the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, DLG has developed a Certification system for sustainable agriculture. This system is used to certify farms on the basis of environmental, economic and social indicators.

DLG awards the quality labels "Holiday on the farm", "Holiday in the country" and "Holiday in the vineyard" throughout Germany to holiday farms, vineyards, country guesthouses, country homes and country hotels. Using a high yardstick, the holiday packages are tested for diversity and quality in the fields of leisure offerings, service, hospitality and safety. The prerequisite for achieving the DLG quality label is a basic test of minimum standards according to the criteria of the German Tourism Association (DTV) and the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA).


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