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The DLG tests Bread, Rolls and Fine Bakery Products

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In the DLG Quality Test for Bread and Rolls and Fine Bakery Products each product is tested in accordance with scientific quality standards and an expert report certified in compliance with DIN and ISO is produced.

The range of products tested comprises:

  • (Special) bread types
  • Fine bakery products such as rolls, pretzels
  • Special fine bakery products, pretzel/roll mixes
  • Fine bakery products made from doughs with/without yeast
  • Fine bakery products made from mixtures that are/are not beaten
  • Dry type fine bakery products
  • Combination bakery products (also frozen)
  • Extruded fine bakery products
  • Products with special nutritional value

DLG test criteria:

  • Product-specific sensory analysis
    form, appearance, surface and crust properties, raising, crumbling profile, structure, elasticity, odour, taste
  • Packaging, labelling
    including data on nutritional value, resealability, ease of opening
  • Analytical parameters

Products that pass the DLG tests receive the “DLG award winner” medal in Gold, Silver or Bronze.

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