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New role for DLG at the International Rice Congress 2018

DLG partners with IRRI to manage rice exhibition at global rice industry congress and trade fair

FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany, 20th April 2018 – DLG (German Agricultural Society) has been invited by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to take a role in the organization of the International Rice Congress 2018, the world’s largest gathering of experts from the global rice production sector. Under the partnership, DLG will manage the exhibition element of the International Rice Congress 2018, which takes place at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Convention Center from 14-17 October 2018.

The exhibition will showcase specialist rice technology solutions. IRRI’s capacity to bring together stakeholders in the rice industry and engage them in collaborative discussions, coupled with DLG’s expertise in agricultural exhibitions and professional agricultural know-how, promises a dynamic conference.

The world’s premier organization on rice science research, IRRI predicts a need to increase rice production by 25% over the next 25 years. “In 2014, IRC attracted 2,500 delegates from 69 countries. With the demand for rice production rising, IRC 2018 is an ideal venue for actors from across the rice value chain to discuss innovative and actionable solutions to improving the efficacy of  the rice value chain”, explained Dr. Bruce Tolentino, Chair of the IRC2018 Organizing Committee and IRRI Deputy Director General. “Engaging DLG to provide a professional exhibition, raises the bar on the conversation.”

Rice machinery solutions to increase efficiency is an important aspect to meeting future demand. Combining the current specialist rice know-how with technical machinery advances in one location is a significant advantage.

“With a specialist exhibition area that shows technical solutions for rice cultivation, alongside a congress program that includes specialist knowledge on themes such as genetic improvement, and sustainable and equitable farming systems, we believe the International Rice Congress will become a knowledge nucleus of theoretical, practical and technical competence all at the same time,” said Bernd Koch, Managing Director of DLG International.
“The DLG’s mission to share agricultural knowledge across borders. Known for providing lead technical expertise and best practices on sustainable rice production among rice-producing countries in Asia, IRRI values what DLG’s Head of Business Development Jens Kremer calls “a good example of how knowledge and technical prowess can be successfully combined at one venue”.

DLG is known for its Agritechnica exhibitions in Europe and Southeast Asia. Agritechnica, which is the world’s largest agricultural machinery show, included a rice feature in 2013. It brought together technical exhibits and practical solutions in rice cultivation including water management, crop protection, harvesting and the specific demands made on machinery and equipment used in the sector.

Exhibitors at the International Rice Congress 2018 Trade Show will be offered full marketing support, including extensive information on global rice markets, detailed participation planning and high-quality, local promotion of new products. A multilingual marketing team and DLG’s regional office in China will also be offering support to help exhibitors achieve maximum benefit from their participation at the event.

Organized by IRRI, the International Rice Congress provides the world’s rice researchers, scientists, producers, traders, regulators, and policymakers – all stakeholders in the rice industry – to meet, share, and learn the latest developments in the globe’s most important staple crop.

The partnership between IRRI and DLG will ensure that the 2018 International Rice Congress will be a powerhouse conference where innovations and research breakthroughs that can lead to a more sustainable rice sector will be shared and discussed among the world’s rice researchers, scientists, producers, traders, regulators, and policymakers -- all stakeholders in the rice industry.

Based on the projections made by the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, global rice demand is expected to rise to 496 million metric tons in 2020 and up to 555 million metric tons in 2035. The Asian rice market is projected to account for more than 60 percent of the total rice demand increase, despite declining consumption in China and in India. Also, an extra 30 million metric tons of rice will be needed in Africa to meet higher demand – representing a 100 percent increase since 2010. In the Americas, meanwhile, total rice consumption is projected to rise by more than 30 percent in the during the coming decades.
Worldwide, there are more than 150 million hectares used for growing rice. Irrigated lowland fields represent more than half of this area, and these account for 75 percent of global rice production. As land is scarce and expansion of the rice-growing area is unlikely, rice yields need to rise faster than in the past to keep market prices at an affordable level and ensure access for billions of consumers. Yield growth will need to be between 1.0-1.2 percent annually after 2020 to feed the growing world population and to prevent price increases.
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About IRRI
The IRRI is the world’s premier research organization dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger through rice science; improving the health and welfare of rice farmers and consumers; and protecting the rice-growing environment for future generations. IRRI is an independent, non-profit, research and educational institute, founded in 1960 by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations with support from the Philippine government. The institute, headquartered in Los Baños, Philippines, has offices in 17 rice-growing countries in Asia and Africa, and more than 1,000 staff.
About DLG
DLG is a not-for-profit organization based in Frankfurt, Germany. One of its key objectives is to promote international agricultural knowledge across nations, and the society organizes a range of agricultural exhibitions throughout the world including Agritechnica, the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery, and EuroTier, the largest exhibition in Europe for livestock technology. DLG’s activities also include a world-renowned independent test center and a respected Crop Production department.

Editor’s note – Sources: www.agronomag.com/challenges-global-rice-market/ and Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (http://www.fapri.org/)


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