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DLG announces 2018 International Scholarships

Applications for the DLG’s 2018 International Scholarships are now open from those working in the agri-food sectors

FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany, November 3, 2017 – Knowledge and skills are essential for younger generations to master future challenges in any business sector. This is why every year the DLG (German Agricultural Society) awards International Scholarships for qualified junior workers, as well as those still undergoing education, in the agri-food industries. The aim is to assist them in their personal and professional development.

Established in 1885 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, the DLG is a politically independent, non-profit society promoting knowledge, and technical and scientific progress in the food and farming sectors. It has a membership of 27,000 that includes an extensive international network, and is the organizer of Agritechnica, EuroTier and a growing number of professional agricultural exhibitions worldwide. The society is also the organizer of three important European farming organizations: the European Poultry Club, European Pig Producers and European Arable Farmers.

“Our international scholarships are an important part of what we do,” says DLG’s Dr. Doniyor Sattarov, who manages the program. “The DLG thinks, acts and is organized with an international outlook. We provide a platform for future dialogue in the agriculture and food industry, and bringing people together from around the world that can participate in these discussions is fundamental to this.”

Applications can now be made for the 2018 scholarships, with Junior and Advanced Training awards once again available. The deadline for applications is 1 February 2018, and the awards ceremony will take place at the annual meeting of the Young DLG in May 2018.
An award of 2500 euros is available in the Junior category, which is open to young people involved in vocational training and aged between 18 and 24 years. The Advanced Training awards, meanwhile, are worth 4000 euros and are aimed at young professionals up to the age of 36 who have completed vocational training and/or for the most part completed studies or further education.

Prerequisites for those wishing to apply are a good professional qualification, volunteer commitment, open-mindedness and an interest in international cooperation. The scholarships are open to practical farmers and young entrepreneurs in the agricultural and food industry, as well as in the upstream and downstream sectors of the economy. This includes young people involved in: agriculture; professional agricultural associations; cooperatives and private enterprises in agricultural procurement and sales; food processing; agricultural and veterinary sciences; agricultural engineering; food and home economics; forestry; and veterinary medicine.

Detailed information on applying for the DLG International Scholarships is available (in German) online at www.jungedlg.org/intern-dlg-preis/ or contact Dr. Doniyor Sattarov, Tel: +49 69 24788347 or Email: DLG-Preis@DLG.org.
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