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Systems & Components cabins at Agritechnica

Cabin testing procedures ensure operator safety

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 24th February 2017– Agritechnica 2017 will feature Systems & Components, the specialist show that provides an international platform for highlighting the latest developments relating to engines, transmissions and other parts – including cabins – used in the construction of agricultural machinery.
“As many as 10,000 different components are needed to build a modern tractor, and all of them are included and will be presented in the special show,” said Raffaele Talarico, project manager for Systems & Components.
Everything from the smallest washer to complete engine assemblies will be on display, as the supply industry and OEM engineers/developers come together at Hanover’s Exhibition Grounds in mid-November. Included among the exhibitors in the Systems & Components show will be companies that create cabins for tractors and other self-propelled machinery.
The cabin is an important part of every farmer’s life, and as well as being comfortable and functional, it must also be safe. There are recognized standards for establishing that they are fit for purpose, and in Europe, one of the principle bodies responsible for testing cabins is the DLG (German Agricultural Society), the organizer of Agritechnica and Systems & Components.
In fact, DLG’s Technology and Farm Inputs Test Center at Gross-Umstadt, south-east of Frankfurt, has been carrying out safety tests on cabins since 1965.
“Initially rollover tests were carried out in the fields, enabling us to gather experience and accumulate knowledge on cabin safety,” says Thilo Keunecke of the test center’s Automotive Engineering Department. “Today, rollover protection structure (ROPS) and falling object protection structure (FOPS) tests are carried out by static testing.”
Four DLG employees – two test engineers and two technicians – are involved in cabin testing at Gross-Umstadt. They can certify conformity with standards including ISO, EN, SAE, OSHA, ECE and the OECD Code.
“We need separate test cabins for the type approval and ROPS tests, and as this is a physical test, applying substantial forces to different parts of the cab, they will be destroyed during the process,” says Keunecke. “The cabins need to be mounted on the vehicle chassis, or a frame with the original mountings, and the cabin is ‘naked’, which means without doors, roof, screens or interior padding. For the agricultural ROPS test, we also need the steering wheel and the driver seat fitted, because these dictate the extent of the cabin’s safety zone.”
Testing begins well before launch
Tractor cabin manufacturers can be involved in the testing process well before new designs are launched onto the market.
“After the prototyping phase, a series of simulations will be carried out on the cabin to check its resistance in case of heavy objects falling from above, and also against rolling over,” said Lukas Pernter, the project manager of tractor cabins at Lochmann (www.lochmann.eu), an exhibitor at Systems & Components.
“Afterwards, if positively evaluated by our specialized partner DLG, the approval for agricultural machines and special vehicles will be released,” he added.
The DLG’s cabin test station is just one example of the expertise that the organization brings to European agriculture, and it is fitting that many of the cabins on show in the Systems & Components section of Agritechnica 2017 will have been tested at Gross-Umstadt.
More information on the DLG’s cabin testing activities can be found at www.dlg.org/cabintests.html
Editor’s notes:
Systems & Components is a special feature of Agritechnica 2017, which takes place from 12-18 November at Hanover’s Exhibition Grounds. More than 452,000 visitors and 2,892 exhibitors attended the event in 2015, making it the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to agricultural machinery and technology.
More information for visitors and exhibitors can be found online at www.agritechnica.com
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