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DLG Test Center Food

The DLG promotes product quality of foods on the basis of binding and impartial quality standards, based on current scientific findings and the recognised test methods it has developed.

With its International Tests the DLG leads quality assessment in Europe and is accredited in accordance with international norms.

Every year over 27,000 foods from and other countries are tested in the DLG Quality Tests. The “DLG Award Winner” label is only issued to foods that have been found worthy of it in sensory testing and that satisfy the DLG’s stringent quality criteria. [read more...]

DLG Competence Center Food

Solutions for the future

At DLG 200 full-time staff and 3,000 voluntary experts together develop solutions for the challenges facing the sector. The over 80 committees, work groups and commissions form the foundation for expertise and continuity in specialist technical work. [read more...]

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