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World’s leading trade fair EuroTier - New for exhibitors and visitors

Unique trade fair offer for professional animal production - New concept for the professional group arrangement and exhibition hall booking - Species-specific animal specials - International professional programme - EnergyDecentral and BIOGAS Convention - bpt-Congress Dr Karl Schlösser, Project Manager EuroTier 2016, Frankfurt am Main

(DLG). EuroTier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal production. This year, over 2,500 exhibitors from 57 countries are presenting their new and further developments in the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover. A distinct trademark of EuroTier is the clear professional group concept. It offers the visitors the best possible orientation on the exhibition grounds. Due to ever increasing exhibitor numbers, this year the DLG has made changes to the exhibition area bookings and further optimised the professional group concept. This offers optimal conditions for visitors from all over the world, who can efficiently and easily compare products and innovations within their areas of interest.
The most important changes are listed below:
  • The offers for poultry production with the World Poultry Show are now to be found in Halls 2, 3, and 4.
  • The focus of the offers for the pig area has been moved to Halls 15, 16 and 17.
  • The focus of the offers for the cattle area can be found in Halls 11, 12, 13 and 27.
  • The area not specific to a particular animal group is in Halls 2, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 26.
  • Liquid manure technology is now focussed in Hall 27.
  • Aquaculture is in Hall 24.
  • The EnergyDecentral offers are concentrated in Halls 24 and 25.
  • The BIOGAS Convention of the Fachverband Biogas (German Biogas Association) is new. It can be found in the conference area in Hall 2.
With the consequent and clear structuring of the individual exhibition specialist groups, the DLG warrants its visitors a good overview and optimal use of the trade fair day according to their own priorities. Furthermore, the visitors can use a free bus transfer on the trade fair area to reach halls quickly and effectively.
“TopTierTreff”: Top genetic pedigrees in cattle breeding
Healthy and long-living cows are among the most important prerequisite for future-oriented dairy farming. Therefore, the cattle genetics is continuing to gain importance. This year, EuroTier once again offers a unique overview of the top genetics in cattle breeding in Europe. Leading German and international breeding organisations and firms introduce their offspring at the “TopTierTreff” in Hall 11. They use this unique platform to present their top genetics to the high-brow international public. Thus, the “TopTierTreff” will again be one of the magnets for national and international cattle keepers. Daily presentations take place in German, and at certain times also in English and Russian. The best offspring is presented.
Special “Healthy udders throughout the year”
This year’s Special in Hall 11 is titled “Healthy udders throughout the year” and is devoted to one of the major challenges for the successful dairy farmer: keeping and improving udder health in the herd and the individual cows. Presentation boards, short videos and further demonstration material, show over the 600 m² of the Special where the optimal values lie for the individual farm, and which factors must be taken into account during lactation, transit and the dry phase. The key udder-related health figures in the form of monthly monitoring reports are presented to the dairy farmer and offer information about the health status of the herd, and help when making a weak point analysis. Interpretation aids and possibilities for improving udder health are highlighted in the Special.
Special “Future-proofing pig finishing”
The Special “Future-proofing pig finishing” takes place in Hall 17 and is organised jointly by Bauförderung Landwirtschaft (BFL, Agricultural Construction Association) and the DLG. Many EuroTier exhibitors will demonstrate new possibilities in stable construction, air conditioning, and for husbandry, feeding and health management. The Special also highlights alternative marketing channels for pigs. Consultants in the areas of husbandry and feed management, animal health and stable construction are available for interested visitors as their competent points of contact. Furthermore, every day at 2 pm, selected topics from the Special are presented for discussion in the EuroTier Pig Forum. A dedicated section of the Special is devoted on this occasion to castration without anaesthesia. Here, pig keepers are not only able to gather information about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual alternatives, but the perception of boar smell, the marketing and the processing specifics of boar meat is also a topic.
Special “Indoor Emission Control”
The poultry Special “Indoor Emission Control” is a special exhibition taking place in Hall 4. Here, information can be found on process-integrated measures for emission reduction - so-called indoor procedures - which minimise dust, ammonia and odour. The processes can be an alternative to cleaning of the expelled air if their efficacy is proven, and have the advantage that besides lowering emissions also they have a positive effect on animal health and welfare and on the working conditions of the farmer. EuroTier exhibitors will exhibit and demonstrate their approaches and processes from the area of flooring (e.g. special litter or additives for litter), feeding (e.g. feed additives or adapted feeds) and air conditioning (e.g. heat exchangers). Professional consultants are available to answer questions in the Special, and the Poultry Forum will address the topics in discussion rounds.
EnergyDecentral and BIOGAS Convention
On EnergyDecentral, the international specialist trade fair for innovative energy supply, 330 specialist exhibitors and a further 200 exhibitors, whose product offers address animal keepers as well as bioenergy specialists, present the latest trends and international developments all around the decentralised supply of energy and heat. In the centre spot are intelligent networking, storage, contracting and decentralised energy supply. Here, biogas, block and heat power plants, and energy from straw, wood and wind power form the largest groups. Demonstrated and presented are decentralised solutions within the framework of the public utility industry and several other industrial areas, such as food production and agriculture. Together with the BIOGAS Convention of the Fachverband Biogas, for the first time carried out in parallel with EnergyDecentral, a unique platform is created for new trends and innovations in the biogas industry. The focus of this year’s Special at EnergyDecentral is the topic “CHP Plants - Maintenance and Service”. It is aimed at operators of biogas plants and of natural gas block heat and power plants from the decentralised energy supply sector. Within the framework of the forum “EnergyDecentral”, focus points are “SmartEnergy”, “Decentralized Energy Supply” and the special topic of “CHP Plants - Maintenance and Service”.
Aquaculture at EuroTier 2016
Aquaculture is a fixed component of EuroTier. Leading firms and institutions of the industry present a wide range of offers from the areas of fish production, environmental engineering and water management in Hall 24. Once again, the DLG will create a forum and an AQUAculture consultation centre to address the high demand for information in this specialist sector. Practically-oriented presentations, discussions and comprehensive consultation will supplement the exhibitor offers.
bpt-congress again in step with EuroTier
The Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierärzte (bpt, Federal Association of Practising Veterinary Surgeons) will hold its annual congress and the associated specialist fair “Veterinary medicine” in 2016 again coinciding with EuroTier on the trade fair area in Hanover. The “International Animal Health Event”, jointly organised by DLG, the bpt and the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, is taking place on 17 November and is a meeting place, a  networking event and functions as a link between EuroTier and the bpt congress.
Future forum concerning professional animal production
EuroTier is the most important future forum concerning professional animal production. Here, traditional technology trends are highlighted and all the important questions are answered on topics covering modern animal husbandry and breeding. Together with partners from commerce, science, consulting, associations and organisations, the DLG will present again this year a comprehensive professional programme complementing the exhibitors’ offers. This includes international professional conferences and events about current trends and important developments in the industry. Planned events are, among others:
  • German-African Agribusiness Forum: Opportunities along the livestock value chain on 14 November
    Organiser: German African Business Association/DLG/German Agribusiness Alliance/OAV - German Asia-Pacific Business Association
  • International Poultry Conference: Animal welfare in international trade - ethical fundamental value or trade obstacle? on 14 November
    Organiser: DLG/EPC/ZDG
  • International Cattle & Pig Event on 14 November
    Organiser: DLG, EPP, ZDS
  • International Poultry Event on 14 November
    Organiser: DLG/EPC/ZDG
  • Livestock farming in India – Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities on 15 November
    Organiser: German Agribusiness Alliance/OAV - German Asia-Pacific Business Association/German Animal Breeders Federation/DLG
  • Organic residue management in China – Framework conditions, Challenges and Opportunities on 16 November
    Organiser: Sino-German Agricultural Center (DCZ)/DLG/Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
  • Feed supplies in CIS-countries - Which way are we heading? On 16 November
    Organiser: DLG
  • Russia and Ukraine - Milk exporter of the future on 16 November
    Organiser: Russian Dairy Research Center (RDRC)/DLG
  • International  podium discussion “Do it yourself – Identify markets and service them“ within the framework of the Young Farmers Day on 17 November
    Organiser: Young DLG/Young ISN/BDL
  • Animal Health Event on 17 November
    Organiser: DLG, bpt, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
During the species-specific forum events, representatives from science, consultation, industry and agricultural practice also daily present current trends and important developments in interesting topics of the industry, partly also in English.
Campus & Career: The platform for jobs and careers, science and research
Hall 26 is all about professional career and science and research. 33 exhibitors present an attractive offer in the area Campus & Career: On one hand, visitors can make contact with firms looking for personnel, gather information during personnel consultations and learn more about training and further education opportunities. On the other hand, technical colleges and universities as well as research institutes present the latest scientific projects. There is a daily offer of a wide range of lectures and discussion rounds on the DLG stage. Furthermore, for interested visitors there is a job wall available with job openings posted by the EuroTier exhibitors.
“Young Farmers Day”
During EuroTier 2016 there will be once again a “Young Farmers Day” for young national and international farmers and agriculture students. In addition to visiting EuroTier on 17 November, the programme contains job forums, an international podium discussion and meeting points for get-togethers and the exchange of experiences, with the “Young Farmers Party” as the highlight.
Buy entry tickets in the online shop
The DLG tickets are available at special prices in the online-shop:
  • Day ticket (15 to 18 November) only 21 instead of 25 Euro at the ticket office
  • Event ticket (15 to 18 November) only 45 instead of 50 Euro at the ticket office
E-ticket holders can also, just like all other visitors who registered in advance, make use of a time-limited free Wi-Fi access within the trade fair halls. Information about this is available under https://www.eurotier.com/en/visitorservice/opening-times-and-ticket-prices/
Multilingual information offer on the internet
The DLG has arranged for a special multilingual information service on the internet, so that interested parties can inform themselves quickly and comprehensively about EuroTier 2016. Apart from German, the information is available in English and also partly in French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. All EuroTier information can be found on www.eurotier.com.


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