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Top cattle genetics will be presented during the TopTierTreff feature at EuroTier 2016

Leading international breeding specialists present Europe’s best dairy and beef animals – English and Russian translation – Sheep and goats included on stage

FRANKFURT/MAIN, Germany, August ??, 2016 – There will be plenty to attract the attention of international dairy and beef farmers at EuroTier 2016, which takes place in Hanover from 15 to 18 November. As well as trade stands manned by companies from around the world featuring a comprehensive range of equipment and buildings used in livestock production, and presentations on animal management, there will be live displays featuring different animal breeds.

The highlight among these is “TopTierTreff” (top cattle genetics), where breeding cattle will be displayed on stage in a special presentation. This live show of pedigree stock from Europe’s top breeders is accompanied by a commentary available in German, Russian and English. Some sheep and goat breeding stock will also be featured.

This presentation of cattle diversity caters to the steadily increasing demand from cattle breeders all over the world for more information on the livestock breeds that are available to them. The breeding companies and organizations taking part will not only provide details about the top sires in their breeding programs, but also present details of the animal’s hereditary performance and merits.

Outstanding physical traits and consistently high milk yields, combined with longevity and good health, are considered characteristics of the ideal dairy cow. Breeding companies are, therefore, working continuously to select the best breeding cattle in order to achieve the perfect match for the best offspring.
Video presentations will provide additional information
The “TopTierTreff” format features a stage with a rotating platform where the best pedigree cattle from each breed, as determined by genetic merit, will be shown. There will be live commentaries from representatives of the breeding organizations, and these will be accompanied by video presentations with more in-depth information. The breeding companies will all be located in hall H11 at EuroTier, where further details about the breeds will be available, and one-on-one discussions with animal breeders can take place.
The dairy breeds that will be presented include Holstein, Angler, Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh/Simmental. The beef breeds, meanwhile, include: Angus, Aubrac, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Charolais, Beef Simmental, Galloway, Hereford, Highland Cattle, Limousin, Uckermärker, Wagyu cattle, and Welsh Black. There will also be the rare dual-purpose breeds Tyrolian Grey and Pinzgauer cattle.
International presentations in Russian and English
In response to substantial interest from international visitors, the DLG will provide special presentations of the “TopTierTreff” in English and Russian. The Russian presentation is planned for Wednesday, 16th November from 13:30 to 15:30, while the show will be translated into English on Thursday, 17th November from 13:30 to 16:30.
The daily program of the presentations of breeding results taking place during the TopTierTreff will be published online at: www.eurotier.com
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