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EuroTier to attend Dialogos sobre el Cerdo Ibérico in Spain on April 21

Increase in Spanish exhibitors at the EuroTier exhibition held in Germany November 15-18, 2016

Frankfurt, Germany, April 8, 2016 – Attendees to the 13th edition of Dialogos sobre el Cerdo Ibérico, taking place at Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain, on April 21, will have the opportunity to find out more about EuroTier, Europe’s leading trade fair for animal production that takes place every two years in Germany.

Featuring equipment and services for all livestock sectors, including aquaculture, cattle, dairy, pigs, poultry, sheep and aquaculture, EuroTier 2016 offers livestock professionals not only a look at current products and industry trends, but also future technological solutions that could be applied in Spain in the future.

In 2014, EuroTier attracted 156,500 attendees, 30,000 of whom came from outside Germany. They were able to see products and solutions displayed by 2,368 exhibitors – 1,145 of which were also based outside the host nation. With 64 exhibiting companies from Spain attending the event in 2014, the country’s livestock sector is a strong supporter of EuroTier.
“This year we have seen an increase in Spanish exhibitors at EuroTier, and already seven months before the exhibition over 70  companies from Spain have signed up,” says the event’s project manager, Dr. Karl Schlösser of DLG (the German Agricultural Society).
“Spain is an important country for livestock technology, and traditionally EuroTier has been a key attraction for Spanish companies.”

Every aspect of livestock production is covered
The subject areas covered by exhibitors at EuroTier include: breeding stock, breeding programs and reproduction technology; feed production and storage; animal housing including controlled-environment technology; machinery and equipment for animal husbandry and feeding; milking equipment and milk storage systems; machinery and equipment for storing and handling solid and liquid manure; food processing equipment; and advisory, management and consultancy services.

EuroTier 2016 will also feature EnergyDecentral. Located in separate exhibition halls at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds, this will showcase a broad range of technological developments in the areas of bioenergy, renewable energy and the technology and concepts around decentralized energy. This special section offers good synergy with the agricultural livestock technologies featured at the exhibition.

EuroTier to attract Spanish pig producers

A EuroTier representative will be attending the Dialogos sobre el Cerdo Ibérico, which will be held at Fregenal de la Sierra, in South-west Spain, on April 21. It will be the 13th edition of the event, which was first held in 1999 and is organized by Syva in collaboration with the College of Veterinarians of Badajoz. The meetings attract more than 500 veterinarians, producers and processors from the Iberian pig sector.

Spanish pig production has increased rapidly in recent years. The country already has the largest breeding herd of any EU member state with the number of sows in the December 2015 census reaching a provisional 2.47 million, the highest level since 2008.

Pork exports from the country are also flourishing. Spain sent a record 363,000 tonnes of pigmeat to destinations outside the EU in 2015, an impressive 30 percent increase on the previous. year. This performance allowed the country to overtake Denmark to become the European trading bloc’s largest pork exporter.

EuroTier exhibitors set industry trends
EuroTier is the largest innovations showcase for machinery, installations and farm inputs for professional animal husbandry for the European and world market. This was confirmed in 2014 when 270 products were submitted by 156 exhibitors from 19 countries to the DLG’s innovation medal scheme. A neutral and internationally staffed commission of experts, including farmers, that was appointed by DLG awarded Gold Medals for six innovations and Silver Medals for a further 15 innovations on the basis of strict assessment criteria.
Among the innovations presented 2014 was a Gold Medal winning housing concept for the farrowing sector and piglet rearing based around transportable pens. The system also substantially improved piggery hygiene for keeping animals healthy compared to current methods, and it also facilitated and optimized work procedures.

Also winning DLG Gold Medals were an innovative system that used an electrical field to break down the cell walls in maize plants to maximize the digestibility of the crop for monogastric animals, and a down-to-earth, self-propelled cadaver collecting vehicle for finisher pigs. This allowed heavy animal cadavers to be picked up and carried away without any manual intervention and hygienic risks from the user – even in the case of fully grown pigs.

There is no doubt that EuroTier 2016 will again feature the latest technological innovations for the pig sector, and at a time when the industry’s profits are under some pressure, producers cannot afford to ignore opportunities to maximize their efficiency.

Comprehensive program of technical forums
Furthermore, EuroTier will host about 50 in-depth forums on specialist issues pertinent to the livestock sector. This year’s program is still to be finalized, but the topics covered in 2014 included a special focus on Innovative Piglet Rearing that examined the latest developments for modern and resource-conserving piglet production, with a particular emphasis on solutions that promoted additional animal welfare. The special focus 2016 informs about future-oriented pig finishing. Visitors will be able see the latest developments of livestock equipment for finishers including fattening of non-castrated or immune-castrated boars. 
Other forums discussed the issues surrounding tail biting and specialized protein sources for pigs. Two international practical livestock farming organizations founded by the DLG – European Pig Producers and the European Poultry Club – ensure that relevant international topics are addressed in the technical program accompanying EuroTier.

About DLG
DLG is a not-for-profit organization based in Frankfurt, Germany. One of its key objectives is to promote international agricultural knowledge across nations, and the society organizes a range of agricultural exhibitions throughout the world including Agritechnica, the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery, and EuroTier, the largest exhibition in Europe for livestock technology. DLG’s activities also include a world-renowned independent agricultural machinery test center, a DLG competence centre for agriculture and a 500-hectare international Crop Production centre as well as a Test Centre for Food.

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