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New Holland FR 650: Higher productivity and efficiency proven in DLG FokusTest

Successful DLG FokusTest – all-new harvester with FTP Tier 4 final engine – substantially higher throughput and lower fuel consumption than predecessor models

(DLG). During a DLG FokusTest, New Holland’s all-new forage harvester FR 650 with FTP Tier 4 final engine was compared with its predecessor models.

“The measurements confirmed that the introduction of the new FPT Tier 4 final-compliant engine led to a substantial increase in both productivity and machine efficiency”, the responsible test engineer Johannes Speer from DLG’s test center emphasized the improvements of the new harvester generation.

Overall, higher throughput of + 5 % and lower fuel consumption of -21 % were achieved as a result under the given harvesting conditions and with a theoretical chop length of 8 mm, compared to the FR 700 with a Tier 3 engine. The comparison of the FR 650 and FR 600 with a Tier 3 engine, with the same theoretical chop length, showed an increase in throughput and reduction in fuel consumption by 19 % each.

Additional information on test conditions as well as the results of a great number of further measurement series can be obtained from DLG’s test report 6283F. The report is accessible free of charge as PDF document on the DLG website at http://www.dlg.org/harvesting.html.

The DLG FokusTest
The FokusTest – from 2016 on called “DLG APPROVED in single criteria” – is a smaller-scale DLG usability test intended to allow product differentiation and special highlighting of innovations in machinery and technical products used primarily in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, fruit cultivation and viticulture, as well as in landscape and municipal management. This test focuses on testing a product’s individual qualitative criteria, e.g. fatigue strength, performance, or quality of work. The scope of testing can include criteria from the testing framework of a DLG SignumTest (now “DLG APPROVED full test”), the DLG’s extensive usability test for technical products, and concludes with the publishing of a test report and the awarding of a test mark.

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