DLG e.V. - Agriculture

DLG Test Center Machinery and Farm Inputs

With a broad product range of tests, the DLG provides clear information on tested equipment and machinery. These tests form the foundation for impartial information for practitioners. The measurements are based on international standards and norms as well as tests developed in-house, building on practical requirements.

The DLG Test Center is accredited and notified nationally and internationally. Based in Gross-Umstadt, it develops state-of-the-art measuring techniques and efficient test facilities.

DLG Exhibitions

The DLG exhibitions offer a platform for presenting innovations, modern products, methods and services and for fostering intensive dialogue.

DLG Competence Center Agriculture

Solutions for the future

At DLG 200 full-time staff and 3,000 voluntary experts together develop solutions for the challenges facing the sector. The over 80 committees, work groups and commissions form the foundation for expertise and continuity in specialist technical work.

Round table exchanges of experience

The DLG’s committees are made up across branches, generations and regions and explore production technologies, business administration, management and quality assurance.